Deciding where to take my research next…

Over the last year in the McNair Research Program I conducted a study on the division of childcare labor in gay male partnerships, and while I did produce some interesting findings I’m unsure of where to take my research next.  I have a number of options to build on my existing study:

1.       The sample from my study was largely Caucasian, upper middle-class men.  I could continue attempting to locate a more diverse sample both racially and socio-economically.

2.       My findings related to the motivation to become a parent, so I could investigate and compare motivations between gay fathers and heterosexual fathers to identify differences

3.       I could research literature on masculinities and interview fathers to understand how childcare changes the narrative of masculinity.

There are countless other research options that my previous study has opened up for me, but after speaking with my advisor I think that for now I will choose to explore masculinities and interview both heterosexual and gay fathers to understand how acts of childcare, which are traditionally perceived as feminine, work within a framework of masculinity.  I anticipate that it will look very different for gay fathers than it will for heterosexual partnered fathers or single fathers.