Update at 6 weeks in the lab.

Throughout the Gorman Scholars program, I have learned a lot of things. There are two that stand out from the rest.

#1. The program has made me realize how much I want to pursue graduate school. Before I was a little unsure about going to graduate school because I barely knew anything about it. But this program has helped me see it for what it is and the graduate student panel was really helpful. It really helped me start thinking and actually planning for graduate school.

#2. The program has made me realize how much I like the lab setting. I have been struggling to pick between a hospital setting or a lab setting for my future career and now that I have been in a lab for about 6 weeks, the decision between the two has become very easy. I like how quiet and flexible it is in the lab. I am a person that does not do very well in an environment that is busy and filled with people. I hope to continue in this lab onto next year because I have been really enjoying it. For next summer, I really want to travel abroad and do a research internship in another country.


Now that it has been six weeks in the lab, my last post seems a little funny to read. I could tell from my writing that I was struggling in the lab and this is still the case but it has gotten so much better. I am becoming more and more independent. I have been starting to get the hang of things pretty quickly while three weeks ago, it took me a long time. Before, when I came into the lab, I used to see it as something I had to do… but recently I felt myself wanting to come in… I was genuinely excited to go in and do stuff. I hope this genuine interest keeps leading me in this research lab.

Tselmeg Amarlkhagva

Tselmeg is a third year biology major, working as a research intern in Thomas Weimb's lab in the MCDB department.