Research Programs & Opportunities
(Non-UCSB Students)

These opportunities are available to non-UCSB students.

updated 1/9/2018

AIM Photonics
ContactWendy IbsenCenter for Science and Engineering Partnerships, California NanoSystems Institute, (805) 893-8527

The AIM Photonics Future Leaders Program for Undergraduates is an 8-week summer research program designed to provide the technical and professional training required for university undergraduates to transition into careers within the photonics industry. Training and professional development activities are hosted by AIM Photonics at the UC Santa Barbara, University of Colorado Boulder and Rochester Institute of Technology campuses. Science and engineering undergraduates will work alongside graduate student and postdoctoral researchers to gain first-hand experience in scientific investigation in a dynamic, collaborative research environment. Research areas include Telecom/Datacom, RF Analog Applications, PIC Sensors, and PIC Array Technologies. The program is open to all undergraduate students majoring in science, mathematics, or engineering. Military Veterans and disadvantaged or underrepresented students are encouraged to apply.

Cooperative International Science and Engineering Internships (CISEI) 
ContactJulie Standish, Program Coordinator, Materials Research Lab, (805) 893-5314

This program sends US science and engineering undergraduates to international partner institutions for a 10-week summer research experience. Internships are available at research centers in Eindhoven-Netherlands; Dublin-Ireland; Cork-Ireland; Oxford-England; Shanghai-China; Saarbruecken-Germany and Goethenborg-Sweden.

RISE School-Year Program (Research Internships in Science and Engineering)
ContactJulie Standish, Program Coordinator, Materials Research Lab, (805) 893-5314

Science and engineering students from UCSB and other universities acquire research experience in a variety of exciting fields through these internships. Interns meet regularly to share their experiences and report on their progress. Our research interns often present at conferences such as at the annual Southern California Conference on Undergraduate Research. Interns choose between two award levels, $500/quarter and $1000/quarter, based on the hours committed to research (between 50-100 hours/quarter).

RISE Summer Internships (Research Internships in Science and Engineering)
ContactJulie Standish, Program Coordinator, Materials Research Lab, (805) 893-5314

The NNIN REU program is designed to give undergraduate students an introductory research experience in nanotechnology. Each year a total of approximately 90 students are hosted across the network for a 10 week program, spread across the 14 NNIN sites. Any undergraduate student is eligible to apply. UCSB students may not attend the UCSB program, but may apply to one of the other sites.

Summer Applied Biotechnology Research Experience
ContactStephanie LupoEducation and Outreach Coordinator for ICB Summer Research Program, (805) 893-8334

This program brings science and engineering majors from across the U.S. to UCSB for a summer research experience. Interns are partnered with a mentor of similar interest, conduct research in our state-of-the-art laboratories, attend research seminars, receive training in career development skills, and participate in social activities. Students must be a science, engineering, and/or mathematics undergraduate or masters student enrolled as a junior, senior, or masters student in the Fall 2013, have a minimum B average, and must be from an under-represented group – Blacks/African Americans, Native Americans/Alaskans, Pacific Islanders, and Latinos/Latinas.