Current Contributors

Tselmeg Amarlkhagva

Tselmeg is a third year biology major, working as a research intern in Thomas Weimb's lab in the MCDB department.

Jordane Bloomfield

Jordane is a rising sophomore at the University of Miami majoring in electrical

Haley Bowden

Haley is a second year CCS physics major. This summer she is working with the Supernova Group at Las Cumbres Observatory in Goleta. In her free time she enjoys fencing and playing viola.

Joshua Burgos-Ponce

Joshua is a second year CCS Biology major. He is interested in microbiology and aims to study human diseases and viruses in the future. Currently, he is working in the Weimbs lab under the mentorship of Dr. Torres studying protein interactions of diseased kidney cells.

Daryl Delgado

Daryl is a current research intern with AIM Photonics.

Rachel Garwick

Rachel is going into her second year as a chemistry major. She enjoys nature and all things chemistry. She will be working in professor Menard's lab for the

Dhanika Halili

Dhanika is the Research Writing and Media Intern for the Office of Research. She is an aspiring science writer and illustrator, and she recently graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Professional Writing Minor in Science Communications.

Rebecca Hwang

Rebecca is a fourth year Electrical Engineering major. She is working in Professor Bowers' lab on analyzing and designing thermally stable optical rings. In her free time, Rebecca enjoys exploring Santa Barbara and testing new recipes.

Tejoni Johnson

Tejoni is a biology major going into her second year at UCSB. She is working in the lab of Denise Montell under graduate student Dominique Houston, to uncover the molecular mechanisms controlling aging in fruit flies. She has loved science since she was a child and hopes to continue on to medical school after her time here at UCSB.

Rob Jones

Rob is a chemical engineering major in his junior year. He is interested in
computational biology that focuses on genetics and is working in the
lab of Professor Dey.

Ezra Kosviner

Ezra is going to be a third year biochemistry student. He is interested in how Zika Virus replicates in human cells. He is an avid surfer and

Chantal Lee

Chantal will be entering her sophomore year at UCSB as a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major this fall of 2017. She's currently working with Dr. Dhananjay Thakur in the Montell Lab on comprehending fruit fly behavior and decision making in response to environmental changes. Through the application of fly genetics, she hopes to improve current drug and physical therapy options for medical patients.

Zephyr Li

Zephyr is a 2nd-year mechanical engineering student eager to explore all fields around mechanical engineering. This summer he is working on modeling and experimental testing new magnesium alloys. Zephyr has a newfound interest in 3D printing, as designing something unique and
manufacturing it in his room is truly fascinating.

Brandon Luu

Brandon is a third year in Electrical Engineering. He will be working with Dr. Katie Byl in the Robotics Lab, designing autonomous robots. His hope is to combine his passion for astrophysics and robotics to send robots to explore the cosmos. Brandon enjoys playing video games and going on trips with his friends.

"I love science." - Brandon

Andre Nguyen

Andre is a second-year Environmental Studies major interested in learning more about the interactions that define natural systems. As a EUREKA scholar for summer 2017, he is working under Erin Dillon in the
McCauley lab, using fossils to estimate how many organisms can be
supported by coral reefs.

Shay Nguyen

Shay is a fourth-year student at UCSB. She loves to paint, play pool and sail. She traveled all the way from Florida to Santa Barbara to study Biochemistry and she has been working in an Organic Chemistry lab with Dr. Javier Read de Alaniz. She gets super excited to make molecules that has never been made before and to learn more about the chemistry that is all around her.

Kevin Okun

Kevin is a third year student at UCSB majoring in Physics. This summer, he is working in Professor Klamkin's lab with a focus on laser simulations. In his spare time, Kevin likes to read and build things.

Clarissa Olivar Magallanes

Clarissa is a third year chemistry major. Her interest are all things math and space related. She will be working in Professor Joel Rothman's lab this summer.

Eric Pang

Eric is an incoming third-year biochemistry major at UCSB. He hopes to one day help contribute towards the advancement of biomedical technology. He is currently investigating protein folding interactions with artificial surfaces in Dr. Plaxco's research group.

Pari Patel

Pari Patel is a third year student majoring in Electrical Engineering. She is interested in all things engineering and will be working with electronics and photonics design automation in Professor Bower's lab this summer with her mentor, Robert Zhang.

Celeste Parra Bravo

Celeste Parra is a 3rd-year Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major at UCSB. She loves to dance, read, and play video games when she's not studying. Born and raised in Santa Barbara, she is passionate about research and hopes to one day contribute greatly to the biomedical community, and to society as a whole, with her findings.

Shayan Reza

Shayan is a second year engineering student at Ventura College.

David Suslik

David is a first year CCS Physics student. He enjoys learning about how the world works and plans to continue his studies in graduate school.

James Thi

James is a 4th year Computer Engineering Major studying at UC Riverside. He is working in Prof. Luke Theogarajan's lab this summer in the Biomimetics Circuits and Nanosystems Group. Some of his hobbies include reading, running and piano.

Veronica Torres

Veronica is a second year CCS Bio major working in the Parasite Ecology Lab group. She enjoys dancing, musicals, and nature documentaries.

Katie Turnlund

Katie is a third year double major in Physics and Mathematical Sciences. She is working in Dr. John Bowers' lab optimizing silicon lasers. In her free time, she serves as the Executive Vice President of Alpha Delta Pi here at UCSB.

Shelby Vexler

Shelby is a second year pre-biology major interested in biophysics. She is working as a part of Dr. Fygenson's research group to use DNA nanotubes as mechanical amplifiers to observe the bending dynamics of

Mathew Wanees

Mat is a rising third-year Chemical Engineering major where he is inspired by his love of environmental conservation to work in photonics. Not only has he been dedicated to training his dog but working diligently in a lab as well.

Aaron Wissing

Aaron is a Santa Barbara City College student interning in the AIM Photonics research program this summer. He's transferring to UCLA in fall 2017 to study electrical engineering.