Angel Rodriguez ’12
Philosophy and History

As a double major in philosophy and history and a McNair Scholar, Angel Rodriguez keeps himself busy academically. He studies the socioeconomic history of Cuba in the 20th century under the direction of History Professor Gabriela Soto-Laveaga. She guides him through the research process and helps shape his project, giving critical feedback and suggesting resources. According to Angel, she is one of the toughest yet most inspiring people he has worked with.

Involvement in the McNair Scholars Program, which provides support for underrepresented students who plan to pursue graduate degrees, has opened up doors for Angel. He is able to extend his education beyond the classroom and learn about the life of a scholar through trips and conferences. He won first place in the area of Humanities at the campus-wide Undergraduate Research Colloquium. In the summer, he will be the only undergraduate student to participate in an intensive research program in Oaxaca, Mexico, before returning to campus to work on applying to graduate programs.

Angel suggests that all students get involved in research, even if they’re not pursuing graduate school. He says, “Being at a premier research institution, these opportunities are available to everyone who chooses to take initiative. Having the opportunity to work under professionals and experts in their fields is great way to network for life after college.”