Emilio Codecido ’14
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Entering UCSB, Emilio Codecido always wanted to acquire hands-on experience as an undergraduate researcher. Once he discovered the research programs available to him, Emilio wasted no time and applied for a Center for Energy Efficient Materials (CEEM) Internship, a program where students train under CEEM researchers to develop solutions for critical energy challenges. For this internship Emilio persisted in reaching out to Professor John E. Bowers, whom he still works with today. “I didn’t want to give up so I knew I had to show him [Bowers] that I really wanted to do research,” says Emilio.

Working in Bowers’ lab, Emilio studies thermoelectrics–devices that convert temperature differences to electricity–which is useful for recovering wasted energy. “We started from scratch, and we had to develop measurements. But the moment everything was working the way it was meant to be, I was excited to see that my work can help improve thermoelectric efficiency,” states Emilio.

Emilio has received research funding from both CEEM and UC LEADS, which allowed him to attend several conferences and present his research. He won 3rd place with his poster presentation at the Ivy Plus Symposium, where judges from IVY league schools and students from all over the country attended. One of his greatest achievements yet!

Emilio recommends that students get involved as early as possible and develop a professional relationship and network with their mentors. “While I don’t always work with Dr. Bowers, I became close with other members of the lab” says Emilio. “I still keep in touch with them about my research.” Emilio plans to do a Bridge to PhD program and continue his research as he moves on to the next step of his academic career.