Reflecting on My Summer Internship

Only two weeks left as my summer research experience comes to a close.  It has been a great experience and It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to the lab and all the great people I’ve met.  I can’t say I’ve had much luck with my research project, but as the saying goes it’s about the journey not the destination.  My only regret is that I waited til before my senior year to do summer research.  I wish I could come back next year!


For anyone who is considering summer research I say the earlier the better.  I’ve really enjoyed my experience and learned so much, but I wish I hadn’t waited til the summer before my senior year.  The things you will learn doing a research internship will be invaluable for your college experience.  For one thing, it will help your focus, and let you know early on whether or not grad school or research is something you want to pursue.  Having that sense of direction early on is going to make your college experience so much smoother.  On top of that, the 9 to 5 is a nice break from school.  I pulled zero all-nighters this summer, and always had extra time after work and on the weekends (you’re not actually a grad student, so you won’t have to worry about all the papers, presentations, and conferences).  The projects and presentations we did have were a great opportunity to practice public speaking and presentation skills in a stress free environment.  So trust me, if you’re on the fence or just not sure what you want to do, try out undergrad research.  Even if it doesn’t go great (although it seems like it almost always does) better to find out now than in grad school.


Just to close I want to thank Anne Glaudell for being an amazing mentor.  She has taught me so much this summer, and has really made me feel comfortable in lab.  Coming in to this experience I was nervous and worried I wouldn’t be good enough, but now this lab feels like home (as much as a job can feel like home…you know what i mean).  I also want to thank all of the program advisers and guest speakers who gave us professional, academic, and personal advice.  I feel so much more prepared to face graduation than I did just a few months ago, and I am excited for what the future holds.