Student Spotlight: Dilpreet Kaur

Dilpreet Kaur, 2016
Chemical Engineering a
UC Santa Barbara has many opportunities to get involved in research, as chemical engineering major Dilpreet Kaur found out before she even stepped foot onto campus. She joined CNSI’s Summer Institute in Mathematics and Science (SIMS), a two-week residential program that informs newly admitted students about academic preparation, professional development, educational presentations, and research projects. At the conclusion of SIMS, Dilpreet joined EUREKA, a program that introduces students in their first year to the broader science community on campus and provides exposure to research through academic year internships. Needless to say, Dilpreet was able to get a running start in research at UC Santa Barbara.

Participating in these programs gave Dilpreet the opportunity to network early on and land her a position in the Mitragotri Lab. “I got into the Mitragotri lab by communicating with others and being persistent. This is what prospective research students should do,” Dilpreet explained. In the lab, she helps research engineering nanoparticle shape for drug delivery specifically targeting breast cancer cells. “Many times experiments do not always work out the way you want them to, but in the end it is really rewarding when you get it right. It was thrilling to see the different nanoparticle shapes I made for the first time,” Dilpreet said.

As she gains experience with research here at UC Santa Barbara, Dilpreet intends to pursue different research programs at other universities. Ultimately, she hopes to get her PhD in Bioengineering or her MBA. Dilpreet added, “I’ve learned what it takes to be a researcher, and by working with grad students, I’ve got to see what grad school is all about.”

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