Seeing is believing 2

Hello everyone Robert here again writing my second blog post. A lot has happened in my research since my last post. My research is broken into several stages defining the problem, generating concepts, developing a solution, and finally constructing and designing my microscope. I have completed the first three stages and am currently in the design process where I am creating sketches and using 3-D modeling techniques to build my microscope. From here I will build my microscope in the machine lab and then test it.

Now let’s discuss how this project went overall. This has been a great learning experience for me and has really helped me in asking in-depth questions whenever I learn something new because I had to a lot during this program. This program has also helped me by showing how important it is to be able to explain my work something that I have fond very challenging but will help he a great deal in the future. I would suggest to anyone reading this to do research as an undergrad it will give you an opportunity to explore the world of research and help you decide if that’s the road you want to take in your future career. This has been fun and I hope the best for all who is reading have a great summer!